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  Dedicated to the Indigenous peoples of the South Pacific. 
This material is displayed at the John From Centre in Tanna, Vanuatu.
For all those of loving heart,dedicated to Social Change to know John Frum has returned. 

We work ceaselessly for Justice and Freedom from Government Tyranny. Please support John From Movement in the charitable Donation to a worthy cause.  
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The John From Movement is based in the Islands of the South Pacific.

The movement takes its name from a mythical figure based in the culture of the Peoples of Vanuatu. Legend tells of a Spirit in the form of a man who is both seen and unseen,who appeared in several places at the same moment. 

It is said that the Spirit would return to the Land and save the people, bringing them the goods of the white man and freedom from his devil philosophy.

John From Movement Incorporated is an association of like minded Spiritually aware individuals from America, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea the Solomons and Vanuatu. 

We incorporated as a NON PROFIT Public Charity in the State of New South Wales, Australia. The organization is dedicated to providing charitable support for the Indigenous peoples of the South Pacific at a grass roots level.

We supply Villages in remote areas basic comfort needs such as self contained sun driven electrical systems and water supply tanks. 

John From Movement is dedicated to social change. We are Independent. As a Public Charity we rely upon the support of LIKE MINDED PEOPLE.

solar panel on thatched hut in village giving light for study
impoverished Fijian family in corrugated iron hut with dirt floor Village people die slowly of starvation and thirst in land naturally abundant as the Garden of Eden.
The Religion and State Combine would plow its Spirit under, as it denies the Peoples their Spiritual values and Good custom. church - largest village building

Their Constitution is Interpreted for Lawyers by Lawyers and has under man's Laws denied them their Rights under the TRUE LAW. 

The Judiciary as always are answerable only to themselves, the Judiciary. 

Pacific Island politicians follow the degrading examples set in robust economies,in particular the USA. Corruption is rampant like never before. The Chief Justice of a small island nation receives compensation 10 times more than that of the Chief Justices of New Zealand or Australia.
toxic L.A. polluted skyline
burning cars at dump
The Government's Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy. The carnal Greed of most of those in Government and their superior Club members from across the hall in Mining& Industry, (Money,Money,Money) mindlessly level and decimate the Pacific Island Forests. Yet the little people whom we help are starving by the tens of thousands as a direct result of government corruption that diverts dollars to private agendas.

trucks carrying away forest

I have worked to combat the Evil of the Soulless Missionary and Materially driven hollow dogmas of Orthodox Church sophistry for over 35 years, from the Highlands of New Guinea through the Vanuatu chain and the Islands of Fiji. 

In Vanuatu "we full up church". 
John From with New Guinea family

We give help at the grass roots level to the down trodden Indigenous peoples of the South Pacific. 

Suva Prison

The help is practical. One way for you to help is with financial Donation to fund the installation of individual Sun generated Solar panels. 

John From and Fijian family with solar panel on thatched hut

Imagine your life without any electricity, no night light to prepare food. Imagine the change in the life of a Villager, the joy and comfort, the impossible dream, electric power. 

The Solar Panel unit provides Electric power for Native families and Villages in remote areas, giving Electric light, radio and possible cooking facility or hot water for medical use.

John From explains the social evolution of the Movement
We recently provided an entire water supply to Iatap on the island of Tanna. Missionaries introduced cows to the Island, however John From Movement was the first to bale a cow and demonstrate how to Milk her. We have taught Birth control to the peoples of Vanuatu, supplying simple methods.
The Religion and State Combine of Church Dogma and Law Enforcement are the Robbing Hoods who steal from rich and poor alike.
7th Day Adventist missionary outdoor recruiting service
7th Day Adventist missionary outdoor recruiting service
After all it is Politically correct not to Discriminate. Yes, we at the John From Movement speak the Truth. We say it as it is. We are not Politically correct. The world cries out for Justice and freedom from Tyranny. We believe that change is a constant, that the Solution to the World's problems is through understanding the true Spiritual Nature of man and his relationship with the Creator. We each need to become involved in a world wide grass roots movement to Educate. We do reap what we sow; there is Poetic Justice. We can and will make a difference by our presence. The most important thing on Earth is our time on Earth and it is our Mission to serve and fill the need. 
John From speaks
A Universal Truth is, "You are individually responsible". There is no mediator between cause and effect. It is your responsibility to become involved. We each individually inherit the Future of our own making. That is Universal Law.
Join with us,unite for the Cause. 

Your life will be richer as you grow from the experience. Perhaps your Spiritual Mission work for the world will continue by the sponsoring of a Village Family on the Island of Tanna in the South East Pacific.

John From speaks
We are Spiritually driven to support the Spiritual children of planet Earth. Now is the time to compensate for the Colonialists' Spiritual and Material plunder of the Brown skinned peoples'land and quality of life.
John From with New Guinea women
In Fiji the Fijians own less than fifty per cent of their three hundred Island Nation and now represent under 49% of the population. They are the poor tenants of another man's golden greed.
To quote Chief Iouma:  Chief Iouma Nelson asks for your help

"Please help the people.The Government is unstable and too busy with Politics. Our women must carry water many miles, our children have no light to study for school."

Chief Iouma with solar panel

Chief Iouma from Greenpoint on the Island of Tanna reaches out to you on behalf of his village.

The ongoing corruption in Government worldwide is atrocious.
As Chief Iouma states, "Government is too busy with politics to be concerned for the people". Accordingly we in the private sector must join together to reduce the size of Governments and do humanitarian works that Government has failed to do. Consider the following paragraphs. 

On the 4th August 1998, we read in the popular press that the Australian Prime Minister has granted 1 million dollars to the P.N.G. Prime Minister to help rebuild the area devastated by the recent Tsunami Tidal Wave.

Amid the concerns of corruption in P.N.G. politics, Mr Howard said that as the money may not reach those in need of the aid it would provide assistance directly to the identified projects.What he did not say was that the 1 million was an incentive to his counterpart Mr.Skate for the proposed Three Billion-Dollar Government gas pipeline to be linked to Queensland, Australia from NewGuinea. Mr.Skate in his recent visit to Australia stated any claims of corruption were "character assassination." 

On the 4th September 1998 we read the headline, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

"Port Moresby: the PNG PrimeMinister, Mr Bill Skate, was forced to defend his government in Parliament yesterday over a decision to spend eight million Kina ($6.1 million) in drought relief funds on pay for public servants. About 56,000 low paid public servants are to receive a bonus ofK200 over eight weeks to cover rising prices." We would comment that Mr Skate by his own actions has committed "self character assassination", and will survive to confront the Karma of his personal greed and the consequential suffering to the Indigenous peoples of the region. 

The John From Movement Incorporated in Sydney, Australia as a non -profit, educational, charitable, public, benevolent association, organized as a corporation to promote a charitable cause. All income is by way of gifts and donations from the Public for the sole purpose of promoting the objectives of the movement. We will producea feature film and documentary on the life and times of John From. This film will move and shake the consciousness of the world. Together we can bring forth Social Change, we need your Support so please consider a Donation of several Solar Power systems to the peoples of Vanuatu or to other Pacific Island Nations. 

A list of Donationsin categories from $15 to $250,000 are sought to further the objectives of the Association. The Donation range is broad and the membership low, so all may participate in the mission.

John From thanks you for working to help the people of the South Pacific
You were guided here. Trust your instincts and please share your experience with a friend. 

We invite you to participate in this exciting world wide movement forward to Social Change. 

Thank you 
John From Movement Incorporated  

© John From Movement Incorporated 1998. All Rights reserved. 

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